Recognize Your Rockstar Employees

As the new year takes us away, corporate recognition should be at the top of your priorities emphasizing high performance and goal setting within your company? This is when your employees' hard work really shines and there’s no better way to recognize and congratulate them.
Has the time just flown and some of your best workers just hit five years, ten, maybe even twenty? Work anniversaries are the perfect time to get employees a gift that really emphasizes how important they are to you and your company.
Our supreme star comes in three different sizes, small, medium or large. This amazing crystal award is a wonderful choice for recognizing your top performers. Deep etched crystal highlights the natural beauty of the trophy.  There is ample etching area on the star and base for optimal personalization and corporate logos.
The spotlight is another fantastic recognition piece promoting the star quality of your employee!  It comes in three different sizes, small, medium and large. If you wish to have a logo etched/engraved, please attach a black and white pdf (not grayscale) version of your logo. This award will shine brightly on the person or group it is being awarded to. Perfect for the entertainment industry or your top performers.
For an economical solution, the Acrylic Plaque is a fantastic way to celebrate your employees' successes. It comes in six different colors, three different sizes and has a marbleized pattern. Acrylic Plaques are 3/8" thick and include a self-adhesive plaque hanger.
Our inventory is almost limitless! There is something for every company and every employee that is deserving of recognition for their milestones!
With the new year it’s time to plan out these recognition awards accordingly. Make notes of your employees’ anniversaries on your calendar and purchase your customized gifts ahead of time!
If you are not celebrating work anniversaries or milestones in the new year, there are plenty of other things to celebrate…customer appreciation, new client gifts, back to work gifts and new product launches.  We have the perfect items for every occasion including food gifts with your corporate logo or your personal message.
Have an idea already in mind, or have a question you need answered? Don’t hesitate to call us at  248-948-9944.