Oakland Hills Country Club: A Major Loss In Our Community

We are here to honor the loss our community experienced recently. The 100-year-old clubhouse at Oakland Hills Country Club experienced a great fire on Thursday, February 18th. Lachman and Company has had a long-standing tradition of creating trophies, wall plaques for Golf and Tennis, and awards for special member events for both men’s and women’s club tournaments. We are here for the members of Oakland Hills Country Club and for our community to help repair or rebuild any awards and plaques that may have been lost or damaged and to regain the prestigious collection for the club and the community that was once there.
Right in the heart of our community Oakland Hills Country Club has hosted six U.S. Open tournaments and is slated to host the U.S. Women’s Open in 2031 and 2042. We look forward to supplying awards for the winners of these events in the future!
The Oakland Hills clubhouse was a total loss. Fortunately, It will be rebuilt as a replica of the original historic structure. It is going to take a couple of years to bring the structure back together and to reintroduce the club to all of its members.
Since 1893 Lachman and Company has been part of this special community. We have always been there helping at special times for all of our local clubs. Over the years we have created many trophies and awards for Oakland Hills Country Club and for the tournaments held there.
We have had the honor to be included in some of Oakland Hills Country Club’s traditions over the years and are saddened by their great loss. We are excited for them to rebuild and create more memories and traditions in the years to come.
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