How to Give the Recognition Everyone Deserves

Trophies, awards, and plaques represent more than recognition. They build upon a memory of celebration and achievement. They portray a time in someone’s life or career, remind us of a place, or people. They create ever-lasting snapshots of our memories. With something so special, it is essential we uphold proper recognition for these teams or individuals - in sports, in companies, and in our communities. That way, when we sit and look back at our plaque wall or trophy case, we remember who contributed to that work for years to come.

Which is why, at Lachman and Co we believe in making etching and engraving options easy.

We put the power in your fingertips. All of our plaques, awards, and trophies that offer etching/engraving as an option include the cost within the original price of the piece. And, we make it simple to request what YOU want it to say. All you have to do is submit your desired copy and we will do our best to make sure it fits on the piece. If however it does not, we will notify you immediately for any text that needs to be reduced.

Our 3D subsurface laser engraving is a super cool technology. As the laser is moved within the crystal, placing points with micron precision, the image is formed. The outer surface remains unmarked. 3D laser engraving is more than just the most innovative way to preserve and display your favorite photos. It brings your memories to life with realistic depth and stunning motion inside a luxury keepsake designed to last for over a lifetime.

Plus, we offer the possibility of including logos (your sports team, your company’s logo, or a community logo)! Just attach a black and white pdf (not grayscale) version of your logo. Worried that your logo file does not meet specifications? No worries. You have the option to upload as you see fit with an additional charge.

Here are some of our favorite etched award options:
Glass Plaque with Etched Center
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Barrington Award
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Blue Crystal Star on Crystal Base
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Cup Ranier
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Learn more about your award and trophy options at Lachman & Co. 

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