Did Someone Say Art?

When you think of awards (giving or receiving), what comes to mind?

Here’s a little hint- it’s different for everyone.

Everyone has wonderful (and various) tastes when it comes to awarding someone in music, food, art, talent, and/or company achievements. That’s the beauty of creating an award that is right for you! At Lachman & Co, we strive to uphold quality, elegant trophies, awards, and plaques no matter what your desired taste is.

Whether it be a more traditional look, or a little touch of something more, we’ve got you covered! 

In fact, years ago we expanded into a more creative direction and created our beautiful, artistically styled awards - perfect for our innovators, creatives, and art connoisseurs of the world!

Here are some of our favorite styles:



Check out these styles plus so many more at Lachman and Company!

Since our art glass is well, a piece of art, we wanted to make sure it represented different styles, colors, and budgeting brackets. We are proud to offer a fantastic variety of art glass awards, knowing at least one will stand out to you and be perfect for your upcoming awards banquet or ceremony. (Seriously, starting at just $56.50! What a steal. You don’t want to miss out.)

And did we mention, the etching and engraving is included in the price? We even have crystal base options in black and white to add that extra pizazz. 

At Lachman and Co, we invest in quality, and we know you do too!

To get started on your Art Glass Award, give us a call at 248-948-9944.