Creating Lasting Memories with Perpetual Awards

We always have several opportunities to custom design and engrave awards for important local events!
One in particular that has been super exciting is the engraving for the Bally Sports Beat the Number Trophy  - Sportscaster George Blaha just won and we will be engraving his name on the perpetual trophy.

Here at Lachman and Company we have quite the history of engraving many famous awards for all types of professional sports as well as college sports and high school sports.   
We are so grateful to be chosen to engrave such important awards across the city and the nation. Since 1893 we have been able to service the community providing custom designed trophies, plaques, donor walls, outdoor bronze plaques and crystal awards providing quick turnaround and outstanding custom design!

Trophies, awards, and plaques represent more than just recognition. They build upon a memory of celebration and achievement. They portray a time in someone’s life or career, reminding us of a place or of people we shared an event with. They create ever-lasting snapshots of our memories. With something so special, it is essential we uphold proper recognition for these teams and individuals - in sports, in the corporate world, and in our communities.  When we  look back at our wall of plaques and trophies representing our achievements, we cherish those memories and remember these great events for years to come.